Simple who needs the World Cup more Ronaldo as he has played second fiddle to messi in past years but a great season for Real Madrid and a champions league win now he could eclipse messi by winning the World Cup with Portugal but the question who wants the World Cup more messi looked disinterested at times against Bosnia but he still managed to grab a great goal his celebration said it all he wanted it but his performance was mediocre but he showed glimpses of what he is capable of now Ronaldo & co have their opening game against Germany tonight a lot tougher opposition than messi had to deal with the stage is it set for him and we will see in the recent weeks who wants it more.

“The ball is round anything is possible”


LikeLy team for Italy strong midfield

Roy Hodgson says possession is key to England beating Italy well I really think the key man here is de Rossi everybody is talking about Pirlo But de Rossi will control and dictate the play alongside Pirlo I really can’t see England getting a lot of possession Henderson and Gerard will be overwhelmed with the technical ability from Italy’s midfield